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PSA first : I still suck at Lightroom and I'm very sorry for the ugly pictures, I'm just that bad at batch editing.

So, back when it was still sunny around here (winter is here, and btw GoT isn't back yet however and that makes me sad) the Lyon Hanabi took place at the parc de la Visitation. 
I was expecting something like a traditional japanese matsuri type of event, you know what I mean. Like, I wanted traditional japanese culture booths, food, activities, music ...

Reality was a bunch of counterfeit merchandising resellers, various vendors selling miscellanous items that had little to do with Japan, AND. A. LOT. OF. WEEBS.

I'm sorry I have a thing against weeaboos, the type of people who throw random japanese words around and reclaim the term"otaku" like it's a positive thing because they think Japan is the land of kawaii anime waifus.

I should know.

I used to be one.

Oops ...

But on a positive note there was the Aüra Lolita booth with homemade cookies and delicious tea. There was an instax booth where curious weea visitors could take an instax picture with the lolita of their choice.
I wasn't supposed to participate, but being dressed in lolita and having nothing to do, I started taking pics for people, and that's the story of how I was exploited by my local comm.

My life is a tragedy.

Also that's the perfect transition to tell you about the fortune telling. The fortune telling was awful. AWFUL. But there's a video about that, so I'll let you watch the video because it'll be a thousand funnier than if I just write about it.

OP : BtSSB / Hat : Bonbon Maléfique / Socks : Angelic Pretty / Bag : Ladurée / Shoes : BtSSB

I picked a quite confortable and summery outfit for the occasion. I'm getting tired of the OTT things brands keep making. I'm more and more attracted to the most casual things and I am getting increasingly aware of garment quality.

This dress is the perfect lightweight cotton for hot weather, incredibly confortable (like pajamas tier confortable) and the lace is so pretty !

Also I was wearing the brand new hat I bought from Bonbon Maléfique at the Japan Expo ! It was my last occasion to wear it as summer was almost gone already !

Also to finish off with the whole summery theme, I drew on some fake freckles. I actually drew them with an old Sephora eyebrow pencil and it works surprisingly well, and looks very natural.

Also you'll notice I'm so much of a brandwhore I decided to tie the BtSBB ribbons the shop clerks use to close the shopping bags in store.

And that's it for this post ! Thanks for reading once again ! 


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