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I'm a bit late to the party once again, but putting the video together was so time consuming ! I totally wasn't procrastinating and totally didn't start a new Skyrim game !

On the 9th July 2016 was my 2nd Angelic Pretty tea party ... And this year was special because I was selected to be a model for the fashion show ! Wich means I had to get up super early to get there from the preparations, makeup, hair and rehearsal ~

this bag is too small to really be usefulbut it's so adorable

This was my outfit for the fashion show ! I was supposed to wear another outfit at first ... I was twinning with Camélia in Dolly Dot ! But there's a 10cm height difference between me and her, so Asuka had me switch outfits with a shorter girl !

I know I really shouldn't complain but ... The original outfit that was prepared for me looked so much better than the final one. Don't get me wrong, the Sweet Jelly Girl OP is fabulous ! But ... But it was so short on me ! and the high waist wasn't flattering at all on my figure ! Also I couldn't pull up the OTKs over my knees and that was the most embarrassing thing ever !

This was supposed to be outfit ! The waist was lower, the sleeves were just the right size, and there were tights so there's wasnt a dress/sock gap !
I've been feeling so self conscious, also I'm really naturally anxious and awkward so this was a very stressful time for me (╯︵╰,)

But in the end, everything was fine ! I didn't fall down, and ~I dont think~ I looked too awkward ...
Still, I hope I'll get the same opportunity next year so I can do better ! o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

After the fashion show, we changed quickly and joined the other attendants in the main room ! It was time to eat and socialize ! ...

Well it was mostly time to eat. (ノ*゚▽゚*)

Sarah had kept a seat for us and I spent most of my time with her ! It was her first tea party and she won the 3rd prize for BEST DRESSER ! Congratulatiooons ! She totally deserved it !

Also the 2nd best dresser was another one of my dear friends as it was ROSALYNN !

These were the amazing cakes that were prepared for us ! They're all so tiny and oh so cute
Also,apparently, Rock/Paper/Scissors games are common ? It was really surprising, but it was so funny ! RinRin has had such a hard time ~ it was hilarious !

Also, Aghatine and I filmed an impromptu cake tasting video where she gives us an honest review about the pastries served at the Tea Party ... So,are the rumors true ?? Are the french Tea Party cakes disgusting ??? You'll know if you watch my video ! ~

OP : Angelic Pretty / Bag : Angelic Pretty / tights : Spreepicky / Socks : Angelic Pretty / Shoes :BtSSB / Necklace : Rose Marie Seoir / Earring : Summer Tales Boutique / Glasses : Owloli / Headband : handmade by me / barrette : Angelic Pretty

This was my outfit ! I have worked a lot on this outfit, but no one noticed me (。•́︿•̀。) it probably has something to do with the fact that I spent quite some time backstage at the beginning of the Tea Party ... And also with the fact that I prioritized eating over socializing ... Ha !

This Tea Party was waaaaaay too short ! Honestly this type of event is something you prepare and anticipate so much ... Once you're there it feels like time flies as fast as a plane (╥ω╥)

Also I wish I had time after the Tea Party to spend with my friends ... But I actually had to catch my train ... So sad !
I can't wait for next year !

Also, as expected, we got gifts for modeling ! I filmed a little "unboxing" video of me opening the gift bag along with the little goodie bag we all received at the end of the Tea Party !

Enjoy ~

thanks for reading~

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